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Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy to create safer space for our staff.

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To Our Valued Clients,

Firstly, it saddens me to say that while we are committed to working tirelessly to help owners and their pets, the public continues to display unacceptable behavior towards our staff.  We recognize that the public is stressed for various reasons - everyone is - however it is not an excuse to treat others poorly.  This is particularly relevant in an industry currently experiencing 2.7 times the suicide risk of the general public.

As a result, Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic is implementing a zero-tolerance policy for rude, demanding, abusive or any other form of disrespectful behavior of clients towards staff members.  If a staff member encounters a client displaying any such type of behavior, the client will be given their pet’s records and asked to seek medical services elsewhere and there will be no appeals process.

Secondly, given our completely booked schedules the following will apply:

  • Scheduled appointments that do not show up will incur a $75.00 service fee to their account.
  • Scheduled appointments that arrive up to 10 minutes late will be served by curbside only.
  • Scheduled appointments that arrive more than 10 minutes late will incur a $20.00 late fee and may need to be rescheduled.

We appreciate all of our clients that have shown respect and patience during a very challenging time.

Tracy Karolczuk
Hospital Manager

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We're happily accepting new patients at Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic! Our experienced vets are committed to caring for pets in Somerset and surrounding areas. Reach out today to schedule your pet's first appointment. 

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