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Veterinary Technology

Our Somerset veterinarians use the diagnostic tests and tools housed in our veterinary lab in order to precisely diagnose your pet's medical issues and customize treatment plans to meet their needs.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

At Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic, we have advanced tools to help accurately diagnose your pet's medical issues. We offer a variety of services, including bloodwork and digital radiology.

We use diagnostic imaging technologies like electromagnetic radiation for our diagnostic imaging. This allows us to produce highly detailed images of your pet's internal systems and structures. 

With the diagnostic imaging capabilities afforded to us by our veterinary lab, we are able to produce accurate results and offer immediate treatment plans tailored to your companion's needs. 

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Somerset Vet

In-House Lab & Veterinary Pharmacy in Somerset

We perform tests and attain results and a diagnosis quickly using our in-house laboratory so we can begin your pet's treatment as quickly as possible.

Our pet pharmacy in Somerset is stocked with a range of prescription diets and medications, providing us with quick access to any medications your pet may need while in our care.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Somerset Vet

Our Diagnostic Services 

Using our in-house veterinary diagnostic lab, we are able to offer advanced diagnostic testing in order to help provide an accurate diagnosis of your pet's medical issues. 

  • Radiography (Digital X-Rays)

    Using a radiograph (digital x-ray), we can examine your pet's internal systems to reveal information that may be invisible from the outside. 

    Radiography is a painless, safe, and non-invasive procedure; since it only uses very low doses of radiation, the exposure your pet experiences during radiography is quite low and is safe for even pregnant females and very young pets. 

    Radiographs can be used to evaluate bones and organs, and diagnose conditions including broken bones, chronic arthritis, bladder stones, spinal cord diseases and some tumors. 

  • Bloodwork

    At our vet lab in Somerset we are able to run a number of common and specialized blood tests to determine the health of your pet and to diagnose illness.

    Some of the most common veterinary blood tests that we conduct are complete blood counts (CBCs), white blood cell counts, hemoglobin tests, MHCH, platelet, and blood serum profiles. 

  • Digital Dental X-Rays

    If your cat or dog is suffering periodontal disease, much of this damage occurs below the gum line where it can't be easily seen. Digital dental X-Rays help our veterinarians assess your pet's oral health.

    Digital X-Rays are safer for your pet. They allow our team of veterinary professionals to examine the roots, bones, and internal anatomy of your cat or dog's teeth.

    Using digital dental X-rays, the risk of exposure to radiation for your pet is much lower than when using traditional X-ray technology. With these digital X-rays, we are able to carefully evaluate the parts of your pet's oral structures below the surface of the gum line.  

    This technology allows your Somerset vet to see results immediately, then project them onto a computer screen to review with you.

  • Heartworm Testing

    At our vet lab in Somerset, we have the capability to perform various blood tests for your beloved pets. Our skilled team can analyze the results swiftly, enabling us to identify heartworm larvae in dogs and cats using a straightforward blood test.

    This early detection greatly assists veterinarians in quickly diagnosing and treating heartworm disease, which can be life-threatening.

  • Pancreatitis Testing

    If your dog or cat is experiencing abdominal pain, a digital X-ray called a radiograph can help us examine your pet's internal systems and reveal hidden information. We typically begin by taking abdominal X-rays to look for any foreign objects in the gastrointestinal tract.

    While mild changes may be visible on X-rays for patients with pancreatitis, an abdominal ultrasound is often necessary to make a proper diagnosis of the condition.

  • FeLV/FIV Testing for Cats

    At our vet lab in Somerset, we conduct a variety of blood tests to assess your pet's health and detect illnesses. Our FIV screening tests analyze blood samples to identify the presence of antibodies against the virus.

    These tests can be conveniently performed in our clinic using special kits. Similar to FeLV screening, the kits change color if FIV antibodies are detected in the blood sample.

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We're happily accepting new patients at Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic! Our experienced vets are committed to caring for pets in Somerset and surrounding areas. Reach out today to schedule your pet's first appointment. 

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